Michaela Tereshkova’s Extremely Obscure Discovery


2D digital animated short 

created during my internship at YK Animation Studio, in Co-Production with University Bern and Kino Rex
YK Animation Studio GmbH 2019

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Living Like Heta 


graduation short
2D digital animation with analogue textures

created with Isabella Luu & Bianca Caderas
music by Moritz Widrig
HSLU Animation 2017

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people who have been watched


experimental short
2D analogue animation

HSLU Animation 2016

why the f*** is she home alone?


experimental short
2D digtial animation

created with Isabella Luu
HSLU Animation 2016

take care of your nose and safe a life


2D digital animated short
A fictitious commercial of a nasal spray that prevents a girl’s deadly sneeze of making human brains explode

WdKA Rotterdam 2016

Cartoon Network “Light Switch”

a quick ident for Cartoon Network Germany starring Finn and Jack from ‘Adventure Time’
2D analogue animation

created with Isabella Luu & Owley Samter 
music by Moritz Widrig

HSLU Animation 2016

Sponsor Animation


short sponsor animation based on a illustration by Daniel Horowitz

2D analogue animation

directed/animated with Matthew Grässlin, Nina Hoffmann, Julia Kost, Isabella Luu, Fabian Siegenthaler & Daniel Zinsstag
music by Sarah Kost

HSLU Animation 2015


a short gif for X-Giranimation - an animation game for the urban jungle at Fantoche International Animation Festival
2D digital animation

Switzerland 2015


short monster animation for the book release of ‘One Day One Monster’ by Owley Samter
2D digital animation

Illustration by Owley Samter

Switzerland 2015


2D digital and analogue animated short

HSLU Animation 2014

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I’ve been having some strange dreams


animated music video
analogue cut out

music by Billie the Vision and the Dancers

creative propaedeutic course HSLU 2013

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